After Mr. Sushain Mital joined his father at The Darzi, the father-son duo expanded The Darzi Group with a new venture in 2016, Mirasu. It delivers to its clients international, understated and personalized luxury, with the world’s most exclusive and high-end fabrics.

Vicuña – An exclusive fabric derived from Vicuña, a rare, llama-like animal found in the Andes. Known as the world’s most expensive wool, it is extremely difficult to obtain as the animal is not bred in captivity. However, the fineness of its fibers makes the vicuña fabric one of the most desirable in the world. It is like super-light wool and has had many celebrity endorsers in the past.

Lapiz Lazuli – The Lapis Lazuli suiting collection consolidates sections of the honourable stone into a stunning mix of Super 150’s fleece and cashmere. This extravagant cloth’s unobtrusive luster is accomplished when the ace weavers join the mineral with the fabric utilizing elite methods. The collection is available in many shades of blue, each one of which pays reverence to the stone’s naturally vivid color and mystique.

Noble Fleece – This gathering has been made from pure Super 200’s merino fleece. A supportable and dependable superfine extravagance texture, it is likewise the first in a line of Scabal Noble clothes accumulation that tries to safeguard customary techniques for sheep cultivating to give fleece to be woven at our legacy British factory.

Treasure Box – Our lovely Treasure Box collection brings the joy of platinum and 24-carat gold to the world of suiting. Created from ultra-fine Super 150’s merino fleece, the valuable metals are joined into this extravagant material by ace weavers. Midnight blue, anthracite dim and noble dark ground shades set off platinum and gold specks depending on the design picked.

Mirasu has the widest variety of Vicuñas, Guanaco, Chinchilla fabrics, meant for suits, coats, and overcoats.


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