Ambitions of a Father; Precision made by Son

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Ambitions of a Father; Precision made by Son

The beginning of fine line clothing is unmatched expertise that matches the threads of evolving fashion. Because clothes aren’t just worn; they’re the language you speak where you don’t care for words. And when you speak of bespoke clothing, The Darzi Group is just the vocal you need.

Among the best fashion tailors in Delhi, The Darzi Group was renowned for its revolutionary computerized operations even in 1981. It picked up on a trademark of Indian tailoring- custom suits and their taste for ethnic wear. And with a spin off from traditional attire, they came up with exclusive spaces that catered to a customer base which believed in the divinity of rich tastes. 

The Darzi Group was the stepping stone by Mr. Sunil Mital for bespoke tailored suits in Delhi. But the darzi never stops in reaching to the farthest ends of possibilities to weave perfection. And thus came up Studio Firang in 2001, to be a ready launch into a market whose tastes were propelling towards luxury fashion. 

Before another step could be taken, in 2013 the son walked in as the only Indian with an international degree in Pattern Design and Garment Technology. Sushain Mital, specialized in bespoke tailoring envisioned to make more strides in the Indian market. This opened the doors of Mirasu in 2016. The trade was niche because the resources were priceless and exceptional. High-end international brands and their fine quality finally seamed into the Indian fabric.

Since then, the journey has never seen a loose hem. The finesse of professional tailors and a legacy of spotless perfection have stayed the walls of The Darzi Group. They have not just made clothes, they have made history. Every line of clothing has a story to tell, every brand linked with them has performance to show. The Darzi Group is the place which effortlessly gives form to fabric. It is the needle that sews life into its customized clothes.

Because when you don your attire made by The Darzi Group, you stand as the one “Be-Suited, Be-Spoke(n)”.

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